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World premiere: Quad Cinema, New York, 2014

"[Rosebiani] manages to depict the still horrendous conditions faced by the region's women while demonstrating the growing artistic freedom seeping into its milieu."
--Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter, Feb. 19, 2014

"At times the film will remind you of magical realism. Viyan climbs a tree in a wedding dress to avoid Hemmo's all-too-persistent advances, a scene that will remind you of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel."
--Louis Proyect, NY Critic / Blogger, Feb. 22, 2014

Foreign Language Films for Golden Globe goldenglobe.com
    After careful examination, 53 motion pictures have been approved for Golden Globe consideration in the Foreign Language category. In order to qualify for foreign language consideration, a film must have at least 51% of its dialogue in a language other than English, it must be released in its country or countries (in case of co-production) of origin between Nov. 1, 2013, and Dec. 31, 2014, and it must have an official screening for HFPA voting... Full review..

The Unrepented Marxist
Kurdish and Turkish Films of Note

Louis Provect
New York Critic

   Over the past several days I have looked at two Kurdish and two Turkish narrative films that would be of particular interest to my readers. The Kurdish films were filmed on location in Kurdistan, the new state taking shape in northern Iraq and the Turkish films in the remote Black Sea and Anatolian regions that are far from urbane Istanbul. Moreover, despite the intensity of the Turkish-Kurd conflict, the four films depict societies that despite their deep contradictions... Full review...

Kurdistan Comes to NYC's Quad Cinema

James Van Naanen
Trust Movies, New York

   According to Wikipedia, contemporary use of the word "Kurdistan" (of which there is no official "country," though the term can mean a particular region of Iraq) refers to large parts of eastern Turkey (Turkish Kurdistan)... Full review...

Kurdish-American Filmmaker Brings Kurdistan to Hollywood

Joshua Thaisen

   LOS ANGELES - The premier of two Kurdish films in Hollywood this week may help bridge the cultural divide between Kurdistan and the West. Kurdish-American filmmaker... Full review... 

Kurdish Diasporic Cinema: 'Chaplin of the Mountains' & 'One Candle, Two Candles'

Amir Sherifi & Ali Ashouri
The Kurdistan Tribune

   Kurdish diasporic cinema, traceable to the 1980s and 1990s, is vividly invoked in the work of Jano Rosebiani, the Kurdish American film maker... Full review...

One Candle, Two Candles: Film Review
Frank Scheck
Hollywood Reporter

   A literal ball-buster is but one of the many colorful characters on display in One Candle, Two Candles…, a Kurdistan-set film  that attempts to find humor in a story about an innocent young woman who becomes the victim of a forced marriage.... Full review... 

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