Producer/Writer/Director/Editor: Jano Rosebiani
Director of Photography: Koutaiba Al Janabi
Sound Designer: Alain Pierre
Langth: 95 mnts.
Language: Kurdish

Five years following the infamous chemical and biological bombing of Halabja, Diyari, a Kurdish/ American good Samaritan, returns to his homeland to build an orphanage in what is left of Halabja. He meets Jiyan, a ten-year old orphan and a survivor of the chemical attack, doomed to live with a burn scar covering most of her right cheek. A strong bond between the two ensues and later he names his orphanage after her. During the course of his stay in Halabja, Diyari meets a colorful bunch of townsfolk, many of whom remain physically and/or psychologically marked with the effects of the chemical agents. Among them is Jiyan's only living relative, Sherco, a twelve-year old who has also lost his family to the poison gas. While Sherco dreams of marrying her one day, Jiyan dreams of seeing flowers, a picture of which she finds on the back of a magazine. In addition to building the orphanage, Diyari brings a spark of hope and happiness to Sherco's and Jiyan's lives. However, this affair is short lived. As Diyari leaves, the two orphans turn back to their lonely shells with very little light to look forward to - a familiar state of mind echoing throughout Halabja. Diyari departs with a promise to return, but now leaving a tearful Jiyan at the place where he first met her - on a swing under a lonely tree on a small lonely hill.

- New Director's Showcase Special Jury Prize, Seattle International Film Festival 2002
- Costa Azul Award - Festroia, Troia International Film festivel, Setubal, Portugal, 2002.
- Honorable Mention - In The Spirit of Freedom Award - 19th Jerusalem Film Festival 2002
- Best Film - Rights to Have Rights Film Festival, Modena, Italy
- Nominated - Tiger Award, Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2002

Rotterdam (World Premiere) (Tiger Competition) - Carlovy Vary  - Göteberg - London - Pusan (Asian premiere)  - Montreal (North American Premiere) - Jerusalem (Special Jury Citation) - Seattle (Special Jury Award) - Method Fest, Burbank, CA - Galway Fleadh, Ireland - Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Fukouka, Japan  Setubal, Portugal (Dolphin Award)    Rio de Janeiro    Warsaw    Philadelphia    New Delhi    Brugge, Belgium - Turnhout, Belgium - Rome - HRW New York - HRW Boston - HRW Guam - The Wales Prague, Czech Republic - Singapore - Modena, Italy (popular Jury Award) - HRFF Barcelona - Kurdish FF London    Exile FF, Göteborg   Med FF, Roma   Orlando, Florida    Asian FF, Vancouver    Mideast FF, Tokyo - Seoul - Dahka, Bangladesh - Liberty FF, West Hollywood - Balafon FF, Bari, Italy - Kurdish FF, Montreal - Temecula, CA - NYU Kurdish FF - Film House Cinema, Edinburgh, Scotland 

Kurdo Galali - Pisheng Berzinj - Enwer Shekhani - Derya Qadir - Choman Hawrami - Tara Ebdilrehman Shahla Hemed - Rubar Ehmed - Niyaz Latif - Perwin Shazade - Nasir Hesen - Shehram Namiq
Ghazi Ghefur - Omer Chawsheen