In a society where family honor plays an important role and forced marriages remain the norm, what happens to a teenager who refuses to give in to a husband thrice her age?

Teenage, Viyan is given to the wealthy elderly Haji Hemmo in a forced marraige. When she runs out of the bedroom and climbs a tree, refusing to sleep with him he looses face and becomes the laughing-stock of the town. In return, he punishes her by locking her up in the bedroom. The more he's mocked by the townsfolk, the harder he punishes Viyan.Meanwhile, a traveling young artist, Botan attempts to liberate her. This leads to Haji Hemmo's resolve to set her on fire.

"[Rosebiani] manages to depict the still horrendous conditions faced by the region's women while demonstrating the growing artistic freedom seeping into its milieu."

                                                                                                 -Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

"At times the film will remind you of magical realism. Viyan climbs a tree in a wedding dress to avoid Hemmo's all-too-persistent advances, a scene that will remind you of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel."

                                                                                                -Louis Proyect, NY Critic / Blogger

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