Producer/Writer/Director/Editor: Jano Rosebiani
Director of Photography: Shaho Taib, Tofan Gabrail
Assistant Director: Ayten Kara
Langth: 60 mnts.
Language: Kurdish


HOUSE OF HOPE centers on a fictional shelter for battered women. The series revolves around the lives of victims who take refuge in the shelter as well as those who run the place.

As per UNDP statistics, one out of every three women the Middle East has either experienced first-hand or had a family member who has suffered violence. There has also been record high statistics of self-immolation by hapless women in distress.

Often, these incidents go unreported and the survivors are left with no support. This series aims to bring forward the different issues regarding gender-related violence and the women’s plight for equality, with a target and an attempt to reach out to the masses in an entertaining way, House of Hope thrives in becoming an instrument that will instigate public debate on the local and national levels. Our ultimate goal is to influence change in people’s perspective in regards to the woman’s place in society.

Kurdo Galali  Mina Ibrahimzadeh  Talar Hirani  Çiya Hawrami  Gulala Osman  Méju Noradin
Dilniya Kamosei  Huda Xelil  Ari Hawari  Leyla Majidi  Sherzad Polis  Hawar mehmud